Drillage OilField | About Us
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About Us

Drillage OilField Supplies is one of the most aggressive trading firms in the Middle East. We provide one window operation for a full range of supplies as well as consulting and assistance services to our clients which include a wide variety of public and private sector companies including Oil & Gas, energy, Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, Cement, Sugar, Oil refining, and Engineering etc.


We distinguish ourselves by defining a set of core values that guides the actions of the organization’s leaders and professionals. These values stress on behaviors such as open and honest communication, responsive leadership, creativity, and integrity. They apply to our every employee and are a part of our performance management process.


Serving your business growth needs best and with total confidentiality, is the central mission of our practice. Working with our firm means you are working with a credible and a professional supplier, a dedicated and a committed partner, an aide with access to market information and data, and an active partner to help you in achieving your goals with minimum exposure to your company.